Kids' Pasta Tales Lunchbox Edition

Kids' Pasta Tales Lunchbox Edition

Tired of the daily struggle to pack a lunch that comes back home all eaten up and not just shoved aside? We understand the challenge of putting together a lunchbox that ticks all the boxes: healthy, tasty, and, most importantly, kid-approved.

That's why we're here to rescue your mornings with a treasure trove of lunchbox ideas that will delight your little one's taste buds while nourishing their growing bodies. Our goal is to transform mealtime into an adventure that your kids look forward to, with a splash of color from veggies, the sweetness of fresh fruits, the hearty goodness of protein-packed sandwiches, and the crunch of wholesome snacks. 

With these ideas, we promise that your child will get a balanced mix of all the essential nutrients, presented in a way that's as appealing to the eyes as it is to the palate. 

So say goodbye to the lunchtime complaints and hello to happy, healthy kids!

Why choose Donna Pastaia for your kids' tiffin?

Because we make lunch fun and healthy! Our seven types of pasta, including tasty beetroot, spinach, and carrot, make every lunch colorful and exciting. 

We understand that kids love fun shapes and bright colors, so we've designed our pasta to be just that. Plus, they're made with whole wheat and real veggies, so you know your kids are eating something good for them. With Donna Pastaia, you're not just packing lunch, you're bringing smiles and health to your kids' day. 

Let's make lunchtime something your kids look forward to!


From Heathy Spinach Pasta salad to Cheesy Macaroni , check out these 5 quick and healthy lunch box recipes below.

  • Whole wheat Carrot Pasta with Butter Sauce- A delightful choice for kids, this dish pairs the gentle sweetness of carrot-infused pasta with a creamy butter sauce. It's straightforward to prepare, offering a comforting taste that appeals to children who favor uncomplicated yet yummy meals. It's a wonderful way to introduce more flavors to young palates.
  • Wholewheat Casarecce with Veggie Sauce- This one's for kids who need a little push to eat their veggies. Whole wheat pasta mixed with a sauce full of different veggies. It's healthy and tasty. Nutritious and full of taste, it's designed to make healthy eating appealing to kids, turning mealtime into an opportunity for them to discover the joy of veggies.

  • Cheesy Whole Wheat Rigatoni- What kid doesn't love cheese? This dish uses whole wheat rigatoni with a delicious cheese sauce. It's a hit with kids and gets some whole grains in their diet. It's a crowd-pleaser that sneaks in the goodness of whole grains, making it a balanced option for a child's diet without skimping on the cheesy delight they crave.
  • Beetroot Pasta Salad- A fun and colorful beetroot pasta mixed with broccoli and a light cheese sauce. It looks fun on the plate and tastes great.
  • Spinach Pasta with Creamy Cheese- Spinach pasta covered in a creamy cheese sauce. It's a way to make spinach a favorite for kids. It's a clever way to incorporate greens into your child's meal, presented in a creamy, indulgent sauce that ensures spinach is no longer just tolerated but thoroughly enjoyed.
  • Whole Wheat Trottole with Garlic and Red Sauce-  A classic red sauce mixed with fun trottole pasta. It's simple, familiar, and always welcomed by young diners. The fun shape of the pasta and the savory red sauce make it a consistent winner at any kid's lunch or dinner table.

Making Every Lunchbox a Box of Joy

At Donna Pastaia, we're passionate about making mealtime a joyous occasion. Our Kids Tiffin Range Pasta is more than just food; it's about bringing smiles, supporting health, and encouraging the joy of eating. So, the next time you're packing that tiffin box, remember, with Donna Pastaia, you're not just packing a meal, you're packing love.

Join us in making every lunch break a delicious adventure for your little ones. Let's create happy, healthy school days, one pasta meal at a time. Happy tiffin packing!

Remember, it's the little joys that make the biggest memories. With Donna Pastaia's Kids Tiffin Range, you're always a meal away from being the coolest parent in the playground.

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