The Donna Pastaia Gift Shop

Discover the perfect present for food aficionados and seekers of sustainable living alike with our thoughtfully curated gift collection. Each box captures the essence of the earth's bounty and the vibrant hues of nature's harvest.
Crafted with love, these exquisite gift boxes offer a gastronomic adventure that's as beautiful as it is delicious. Give the gift of delicious meals, happy moments, shared laughter, and unforgettable experiences.
  • The Playground Collection

    Regular price Rs. 1,500.00
    Regular price Sale price Rs. 1,500.00
  • The Earth Collection

    Regular price Rs. 1,600.00
    Regular price Sale price Rs. 1,600.00
  • The Rainbow Collection

    Regular price Rs. 1,800.00
    Regular price Sale price Rs. 1,800.00
  • The Verde Collection

    Regular price Rs. 2,000.00
    Regular price Sale price Rs. 2,000.00

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