The word fettuccine literally means ‘small ribbons’ in Italian. A very popular type of long pasta, fettuccine is wider than spaghetti (about 1/4th of an inch) and typically used in rich, hearty sauces as the pasta width allows for a beautiful coating of the sauce it is added to.

Originating from the Roman and Tuscan cuisines, Fettuccine is now a staple of pasta dishes globally.

The creamy Alfredo makes for the most known accompaniment to these ribbon pastas. It also does as well with a thicker meat or vegetable tomato based ragu, or a simple Aglio e Olio. We have even had the audacity to toss our turmeric Fettuccine with a herby mint chutney for that extra Indian zing with great results! Don’t shy away from experimenting with this very versatile pasta.

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