Corzetti | Fiery Hot | 200 gm | V
Corzetti | Fiery Hot | 200 gm | V
Corzetti | Fiery Hot | 200 gm | V
Donna Pastaia

Corzetti | Fiery Hot | 200 gm | V

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A must-have pasta - these coin like pasta discs that are one of the oldest kinds of pasta there is and their origin is steeped in history and craftsmanship. And we've upped the flavour and look on these with pounded red chillies to make a Fiery Hot version of the same. 

Originating from Liguria in Northern Italy, bordering France, these medallion like pasta shapes were believed to be made by pressing an actual coin to the pasta discs and were later made by expert craftsmen with intricately carved wooden stamps.The resulting stamped pasta bore either a relatively simple design or an emblem of the region or a family's coat of arms which whilst displaying status and wealth also added that extra texture on the pasta to cling onto the sauce.

Each medallion is individually cut, stamped and then air dried to bring you a beautiful, rustic handmade one of a kind pasta shape. 

Ingredients: Organic Semolina, Organic White flour, Pounded red chillies, Olive Oil

Net Weight: 200 grams

Best before 3 months from manufacturing. Once opened, store in air tight containers at room temperature away from heat, light and humidity. 




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