Ashwagandha Fettuccine - Indian Herbs Medley (Eggless)
Ashwagandha Fettuccine - Indian Herbs Medley (Eggless)
Ashwagandha Fettuccine - Indian Herbs Medley (Eggless)
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Ashwagandha Fettuccine - Indian Herbs Medley (Eggless)

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This is an organic semolina fettuccine pasta that is super charged with the miracle Ayurvedic herb Ashwagandha from Sātmya, topped with fresh indigenous coriander, mint and curry patta (curry leaves). A delightful medley of Indian herbs that are so good for your mental and physical well being, taste delicious and will make for a sumptuous and wholesome meal for the entire family! 

Often called the “King of Ayurvedic Herbs”, Ashwagandha helps to increase brain functions and helps fight symptoms of anxiety and depression. And not just any Ashwagandha, we have developed this pasta with Sātmya's unique, one of a kind fermented Ashwagandha which is soaked in cow's milk and then air dried, allowing its properties to supercharge. Fermentation is a time intensive process - completely done by hand, the roots are first cured in milk, sun dried and finally hand crushed which is what makes the Satmya fermented Ashwagandha absolutely potent, pure, undiluted and unadulterated.

Combining clean, pure herbs with our handmade, slow dried semolina fettuccine, we have created a unique, earthy, flavourful pasta that looks so beautiful and tastes even better!

Ingredients: Organic Semolina flour, Fermented Ashwagandha (Satmya), Coriander, Mint, Curry Leaves

Net Weight: 250 grams

Shelf Life and Storage: Best before 3 months from manufacturing. Once opened, store in air tight containers away from heat, light and humidity

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