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Donna, is Italian for a lady.

Pastaia, in Italian means someone whose job it is to make pasta.

We are women who take this job of making pasta very seriously. Of course. Except, when you're having as much fun doing it like we do, it doesn't really feel like work.

We make handcrafted artisanal pasta, and are involved through the process of handpicking the ingredients to creating, drying, packaging all of our pasta by hand. It is manual, labour intensive, exhausting – and we absolutely love it.

Almost every single time we make pasta, we cannot help but be amazed at the magical transformation of a humble mix of flour and water/eggs into these beautiful pasta ribbons and shapes that make for one of the most comforting meal on a plate.

Food for us is special. Pasta is just even more. We started many years ago on a journey to feed ourselves and our loved ones honest, good, real food. Now we have opened up our kitchens to spread this joy of good food to all of you who might be interested to join us. 

Kamna and Simran

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